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Who are we now?

For us at WBC, church is a community of welcome and warmth. In fact, we often refer to ourselves as family. We have done enough real life to know that families can be complicated and messy as well as providing a place of safety and acceptance.

At the heart of being a church are people who know and trust Jesus. And we want to make space for anyone - whether they know Jesus too or not. We talk a lot about being disciples and making disciples, which means being apprentices to the Jesus way of doing life. And we talk about the reality of living in a wonderful and heartbreaking world.

In the WBC family, you will find those who have a very little faith, those who have lots and most of the stuff in between. There's room for everyone.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Ken Cheung

How did we get here?

The family at WBC is made up of local folks and newer arrivals in the area. We have been getting together at Watchet's primary school, in people's homes and at our home building, The Sanctuary, for quite some time. 

Our priority is always to do things in the way that we think Jesus would. And although we don't always get that right, it is like a satnav for where we go and what we do.

We talk a lot about living alongside each other in ways that follow the priorities of Jesus - and we read about them in the bible.

Watchet Baptist Church has been around since the 1820s - way longer than any of the church family have been here. We cherish our history and  we focus on how to be a community that lives the Jesus way, here and now.

Who's behind the scenes?

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WBC Minister

Mike Sherburn

Mike moved to Watchet in 2017 with his family and thinks it’s one of the best things he’s ever done. Before he became a Pastor, Mike worked in local government, newspaper journalism and for a company that makes windows.
Mike first decided to follow Jesus as a child and has discovered in the years since that he loves studying the bible, helping other people understand it and finding people who help him understand it!
He enjoys writing and performing spoken word and, as well as all of that, loves cricket, mountains, music and video games.

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