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Watchet Baptist Church

It's really important to us to create and nurture a place where people are safe. Whether it's about children and young people or adults at risk, we're committed to having strong policies and sharing responsibility for safety right across church life - in our gatherings, our policies and at The Sanctuary.

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Click here to read our Safeguarding Policy Statement, a kind of summary of our policy and priorities. Scroll down for links to our Code of Behaviour and Procedures document

Safeguarding Procedures

Click here for our procedures document. This is a longer document that shows how we expect to be organised and what we expect to do if a Safeguarding need arises.

Code of Behaviour

Click here to see our Code of Behaviour.

This brief document outlines what we expect of our volunteers in order to do things in a way that makes keeping people safe a priority

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