The Fuelcast

The Fuelcast is a brand new innovative, project bringing you a short but powerful, biblical, devotional video every week day of the year.

When it comes to our Christian lives, many of us are running on empty. The conviction, confidence and passion we once had is running out. What we need is fuel. When you add fuel there is fresh energy and power; fuel brings conviction, confidence and growth That’s what is all about: daily fuel for people who want to take their discipleship journey seriously and invest in their faith journey - we exists to help people of faith, strengthen their faith.

The Fuelcast is absolutely free. Donation plans are available if you would like to support the project but this is completely optional. To access the Fuelcast, click here.

A Tour Through The Bible

Rev Dr Helen Paynter, Tutor at Bristol Baptist College is taking a tour through the Bible and you are invited to come on the journey with her!

Each day she will add a new video on Youtube (as of today there are already 12 available!), starting at the beginning with a look at Genesisand then spending one or two days on each book of the Bible, giving an overview, looking at its themes and messages and then focussing on one section of the book in a little more detail. Helen is a very gifted theologian and her presentations are very accessible. They range in length but average around 20 minutes each.

To access the tour click here

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