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We believe that learning is an important part of being a church. It's something we do together - and when we're on our own. To help with this, on the WBC YouTube channel, we have a range of teaching videos.

There are different series covering different topics, from books of the bible (Matthew to Philippians, Leviticus to Ezekiel) to teaching based on themes (from Understanding Jesus to Prayer and Discipleship).

Many of these teaching videos include questions at the end to help with thinking about what we're learning. And much of the teaching comes from our Pastor, with contributions from a range of people to look out for.

Starts and Beginnings

Starts and Beginnings

'Starts and Beginnings' is a poem written for the 200th anniversary of Watchet Baptist Church - read by Mike Sherburn Starts and Beginnings Go all the way back, right back to the start There at the centre, the core and the heart of the work of our God is the act of creation, worthy of all of our focused attention and deserving a rapturous standing ovation from man and from woman, from nation to nation The Spirit’s great work of making all things From earwigs to elephants – and creatures with wings This God is the God of new starts and beginnings Throughout the Old Testament days of God’s story The tales of his people, inspiring and gory, Include a real problem with badness and evil Wrongness all over, like a plague medieval And God thought: “There’s almost no hope of retrieval “I’ll flood the whole earth, there will be some upheaval” Noah, his missus, their sons with their wives Saw the world was renewed…God saved their lives This God is a God of new starts and beginnings Some several years later, a journey began As God said to Abram: “Set out from Harran “I’ve got a plan and it all starts with you “A great nation will grow through what I will do” Then Jacob and Joseph and Moses came through And the promise he made came utterly true He gathered them all (and all Egypt’s money) They were Promised-Land bound, where’s it’s all milk and honey! This God is a God of new starts and beginnings Now God keeps his promises, Israel knew… …but they kept on forgetting their worship ‘who’s who’ They praised other gods with various faces They built awful and weird and strange sacred spaces They did horrible things in all kinds of places So God let them be conquered by powerful races …of people who took them away from the land …before God brought them back by his powerful hand This God is a God of new starts and beginnings Years later there’s Mary and Joseph, who heard God’s plans through some angels, who told them his word And Jesus was born, this was God as humanity, A saviour of mystery, kindness and sanity, He said things his enemies thought were profanity He did things that launched the idea of Christianity Jesus healed and he taught folks, he loved and forgave ‘em He was there there for the sick and poor just to save ‘em. This God is a God of new starts and beginnings Jesus was arrested and tortured and killed His purpose was selfless. His sweat: love distilled. An innocent man, he was killed on a cross And in about 40 hours, he showed death who was boss. He showed up to his mates, which left them at a loss, And the gap between humanity and God? He stepped right across! And almost immediately, within a few weeks God’s Spirit is working – and it’s Peter who speaks This God is a God of new starts and beginnings People hear the good news, it’s forgiveness for all! Thousands are hearing and answer the call For some, they feel like their brains have been fried For others, it’s like they are surfing the tide! And that good news keeps going – so far and so wide, The church spreads the message: you can live life untied! A new start is here for each one of us Not earned, just a gift, like a whole-life A+ This God is a God of new starts and beginnings But our future is not just a personal thing God saves us to share his life-giving spring of water…to be there for each other’s needs To show Jesus’ mercy to different creeds To work as a church and to tell of his deeds To walk his direction, to go where he leads And as we look back at the journey we’ve made We also look forward – and we’re not afraid! This God is a God of new starts and beginnings Mike Sherburn – May 2024
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