Lectio 365 is a daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day and is a great way to start the day! Written by leaders from the 24-7 Prayer movement, and produced in partnership with CWR, this resource helps you engage with Scripture to inspire prayer and shape your life. Journey through the year with Pete Greig, Carla Harding, Phil Togwell, Jill Weber and international guest writers. Lectio 365 is inspired by Lectio Divina, a way of meditating on the Bible that’s been used by Christians for centuries. ‘P.R.A.Y.’- Each day, pause to be still, rejoice with a Psalm and reflect on Scripture, ask for God’s help, and yield to His will in your life. Click here to access Lectio 365.

Prayer Emails and Prayer Wall

If there is anything you like someone to pray for, please ask – for yourself, for others or for situations. It can be a thank you for the NHS, a prayer for a relative or friend, or even a rant at God about what’s going on. You can send a prayer request to Your request will be treated as sensitive and will only be handled by members of the church who have received Safeguarding training and are DBS checked.

You can also post a prayer on our public prayer wall (please don’t add anything that might identify yourself or others), which can be found here: Please visit the wall regularly to join in with the prayer of others!

WBC Rhythm of Prayer

We have a great God who wants a relationship with each and everyone of us, whoever we are, whatever we have done and whatever we are thinking!

As we embrace being disciples together without physically gathering, we are developing an online 'rhythm of prayer', which everyone is invited to use. Below are links to an introduction to this rhythm together with guided opportunities to pause throughout the day. Each opportunity takes around 5 minutes and is designed to help us individually take time out from whatever is going on in our lives and connect with God.

Please use, enjoy and develop your rhythm of connection!

Rhythm of Prayer: Introduction

Morning Prayer

Afternoon Prayer

Evening Prayer

Night Prayer

Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals

By Shane Claiborne & Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.

Over the past few years, Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals has set the pattern for our Monday morning prayers held at the Sanctuary. It Is a tapestry of daily prayers inviting faith communities from around the world to pray, sing and act together.

At the site, you’ll find prayers for every morning, midday and evening that celebrate the best of Christian tradition and engage with the most pressing issues of our world today. To access the site, click here 

Prayer for the UK and the World

Our commitments to mission in the UK and around the world hasn’t stopped. The challenges for those who minister in Jesus name are still very real. And those who are known for knowing Jesus are still suffering around the world. As we continue to pray for our own nation, let’s keep in mind those who continue to work around the world in the name of Jesus. The following websites are helpful for our focus on prayer around the world…

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