Welcome to our Prayer Resources page

On this page, you will find a series of resources that are designed to help with personal prayer and praying together.

There are prayer prompts from services, options for a rhythm of prayer – to help frame your day with God, some bible verses to use in prayer and simple prayers to engage with.

There are also resources for praying together, including a guide on how to lead a prayer meeting and a set of prayers for different situations.

The idea is to use the resources that you find helpful as you walk with God in prayer – on your own and with others.

So take a look around. And check out our YouTube channel for video resources too, for more rhythm of prayer material and for some teaching on prayer.


It’s also worth taking a look at some resources elsewhere online.

At 24-7prayer.com/ you’ll find resources for individual and community prayer.

At commonprayer.net, you’ll find an approach to daily prayer.

There’s also daily prayers at northumbriacommunity.org from the Northumbria Community.

For books on prayer, check out…

‘Prayer’ by Philip Yancey eden.co.uk/prayer/,

‘How to Pray’ by Pete Greig eden.co.uk/how-to-pray-pete-greig/,

‘How to Pray’ by John Pritchard eden.co.uk/shop/how-to-pray-3952936.html,

‘Prayer’ by Richard Foster eden.co.uk/shop/prayer-1212218.html.

‘Unlimited: A Manual For Prayer’ from Spring Harvest eden.co.uk/shop/unlimited-a-manual-for-prayer-4979355.html.

(These books may also be available from other online sites and Christian bookshops.)

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