Daily Prayer

Watchet Baptist Church Family Daily Prayer

This pattern of prayer was written on 10 June 2018, in response to God’s call for us, as a church, to pray together – to pray that he would reveal himself to us. This is our focus in prayer for the summer. The use of ‘us’ and ‘we’ helps us keep our focus on the call to pray together. 

It is recognised that some of us will be more at home with written prayers than others and we know that God will hear our prayers no matter how we pray.Encouraging the approach of the Family Daily Prayer is not about limiting our prayers. It is, however, a way in which we can pray in unity and show that we are determined to pray with one voice. The prayers that we have written together have a focus on a desire for God to reveal himself.

We want to hear God’s voice, to understand what he is telling us, and then to act on it. Let us pray that God will reveal himself to us!

How to use:

This pattern for prayer is designed to be used flexibly. Several sections are optional and can be omitted if time does not permit their use. On a busy day, the prayer pattern could be completed in less than five minutes, whereas at other times it could be used as a framework for a deeper and more reflective focus. Sections marked in <> brackets can be included as appropriate. If using this pattern in a group situation, sections marked with an asterisk * can be spoken together.

Click below to download the Family Daily Prayer:

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