Daily Reflections

Hello. This part of the WBC website is dedicated to some reflections on the bible, sometimes called ‘devotions’. Each one has been written with a prayer, or a guide for prayer, at the end of it. 

The plan is to publish roughly a month’s worth at a time and to have enough for January, February and March all together.  

About 20 different writers have been involved in putting together these reflections, which will look at various bible characters, the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ from Matthew’s gospel, and the letter to the church at Ephesus. 

The people who have written these devotions are not deacons, preachers or housegroup leaders. Everyone who trusts Jesus has something to say, something to share. Everyone can learn from how others read the bible. 

So it’s a really big thank you to Ann, Charlotte, Chrissie, Gill, Hellen, John, Josh, Karen, Lucy, Milly, Nigel, Paul, River, Rocky, Sally, Tom, Tracey and Trampas who have been willing, and courageous, to share their understanding and their thoughts.  

Enjoy reading, praying, and getting to know God better!

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