Book Reviews

Love reading? Love books? Then this is for you! Mike is inviting everyone to be a book reviewer. The more reviewers the better. If you like reading or even if its not your favourite thing but you want to take part, read on!

It’s still lockdown time, with a prolonged period of social distancing expected to last for a while.

And it’s got me thinking about the role of books in our lives as disciples.

When I was training, a tutor who I came to trust – called Peter Morden – said that as we walk with Jesus, we can develop a kind of friendship with helpful books; some books we will find ourselves going back to over and over. With that in mind, I’m looking for some book reviewers – people willing to buy and read a book and then share something about it with the rest of us. If you want to take part, but might struggle to buy the book, let me know.

It would work something like this:

Let me know if you’d like to be part of this review process, and I will allocate a book for you to read. After you’ve read it, answer 3 questions – What did you like about it? Were there things about it that didn’t quite work for you? Why should someone read this book?

Record your answers – ideally by recording a video of yourself answering the questions, but audio would be good and if you would rather just write down the answers, we can work with that.

We will use the reviews as ways to tell the whole congregation about these books.

If you think you’d like to be involved, don’t assume lots of people will get there first. The more people take part the better. And if you’re not a quick reader, still get in touch. I’m happy for you to take as long as you need (within reason) to do the reading and answer the review questions.

I’m hoping this process can enrich all of us and we can get to know some books that

help us grow as we walk with Jesus, day by day.

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